Book Title: R and R Studio For Absolute Beginners

Subtitle: A Guide for People with No Coding Experience

Author: Christine Monnier

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Book Description: If you do not know where to start with R and R Studio, this short book is for you.

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This book covers the basics of R and R Studio for people with no coding experience and no computer science background. It is for both beginner students and people whose job might require them to get into data analysis and statistics with no prior background. This is the book to get you started in understanding the logic of the R language in the R Studio environment so you can then move on to more difficult topics.

It is also part of the first unit of work for the College of Dupage courses Introduction to Data Science (Sociology 1205), and Introduction to Research Methods (Sociology 2200).


Christine Monnier



Social research and statistics


R and R Studio For Absolute Beginners
Christine Monnier

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Primary Subject
Social research and statistics
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Sociology, Data science and analysis: general
College of DuPage
College of DuPage Press, 2022
Publication Date
June 5, 2022