Chapter 12: Developing Topics for Your Speech


informational literacy (keywords)

In an article published by Huddleston, Bond, Chenoweth, and Hull (2019) the authors reported that college faculty do not have a lot of confidence in students ability to conduct research.

Thesis statement

Credibility statement:

Major preview:

Getting Started with Your Topic

12.2 – Formulating a Specific Purpose Statement

12.3 – Formulating a Central Idea Statement

12.4 – Problems to Avoid with Specific Purpose and Central Idea Statements

Chapter 12: Developing Topics for Your Speech


Learning Objectives

After reading this chapter, the student will be able to:

  • Distinguish between the specific purpose, central idea, and main points of a speech;
  • Differentiate between a speech to inform, persuade, and inspire or entertain;
  • Write a specific purpose statement;
  • Write a thesis or central idea statement;
  • Distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable specific purpose and central idea statements;
  • Compose appropriate specific purpose and central idea statements for informative, persuasive, and inspirational/entertaining speeches.

Chapter Preview

12.1 –


Huddleston, B. S., Bond, J. D., Chenoweth, L. L., & Hull, T. L. (2019). Faculty perspectives on undergraduate research skills: Nine core skills for research success. Reference & User Services Quarterly59(2), 118–130.

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