Interpersonal Skills for Life and Work for College Students on the Autism Spectrum

Writers Bio:  Dr. Michael Duggan—LCPC, CRC, is a Professor and a Counselor for Students with Disabilities at College of DuPage (COD), where he is well known for his expertise and his passion for empowering students with disabilities.  In his time at COD he has helped establish a wide variety of programs for students, and his work has been featured by the Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald,, and WGN Television. He has also been awarded COD’s Outstanding Divisional Faculty of the Year, Outstanding Academic Advisor of the Year (twice), and Outstanding Club Advisor of the Year for his work on Autismerica–a social/support organization for young adults and families on the autism spectrum throughout Chicagoland. His first published book is titled “First Class Support for College Students on the Autism Spectrum:  Practical Advice for College Counselors and Educators”, and his website is  He apologizes ahead of time for his salty tongue but insists his Irish grandparents on both sides would be proud.


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